KADAM’s carriage offer is supplemented with domestic transport. We offer general cargo and full-vehicle and express consignments transportation. The company offers state-of-the-art and high-quality fleet accommodated to the carriage of various products. We also assure timely shipment pick up and deliver. We reach all parts of Poland within 24 hours from placing an order.

Secure transport is guaranteed by experienced and best drivers. We guarantee fast and safe domestic transport of the entrusted goods and perfect contact and collaboration at each logistic stage.

We offer top-quality, full logistic services to our Clients.

Kontakt z spedytorem
Kadam | ul. B. Czecha 149, 44-292 Rybnik, woj. śląskie | tel: 608 593 363 | email: spedycja@kadam.com.pl | NIP: 6422553919