In order to live up to our Clients’ demands, KADAM is also offering full assistance in the carriage of bulky, oversize and heavy shipments on international and domestic routes, i.e.:

  • dealing with all the formalities and documentation (issue of permits, approvals)
  • loading, unloading
  • combining sea transport and road transport
  • ferry crossings
  • route guidance

The company offers a wide variety of semitrailers adjusted to each product:

  • SPECIALIST SEMITRAILER - 13.6mx2.5mx2.8m, where goods up to 3 m wide can be loaded - unfolded stanchions
  • MEGA SEMITRAILER PLATFORM- carrying capacity of 26 tonnes, used for oversize transport
  • SPECIALIST SEMITRAILER - 16.0mx3.0mx3.0m, perfect for loading oversize goods requiring complete tarpaulin cover
  • SPECIALIST SEMITRAILER – 8.0mx 2.5mx3.5m for carrying high equipment and machinery that must be secured against weather conditions.
  • SEMI- SEMITRAILER for oversize cargos with the lower deck height of 80 cm, extendable to 19 m, carrying capacity of 30 tonnes
  • TIEFBETT SEMITRAILER - for oversize cargos with the lower deck height of 35 cm, extendable to 23 m, carrying capacity of 34 tonnes
  • TELESATTEL SEMITRAILER - for oversize cargos, extendable to 36 m, carrying capacity of 34 tonnes


An experienced and professional team, an extensive and constantly modernised technical base and innovative equipment - all this allows to transport the following oversize equipment:


farming equipment

cranes for bearing beams with various length

various steel structures

machinery and equipment


silos and tanks

coaches, trucks

construction equipment

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